Are you eating foods that support your well-being?

Raw, probiotic-rich fermented foods are good for your gut! And we're learning more every day about the importance of a happy gut to your overall health.

By learning how to make these delicious probiotic foods safely at home, you can change your life!

We've spent the last ten years learning and teaching people how to make and enjoy fermented foods. Now we want to share the knowledge with you in these courses!

Want to make gut-healthy, probiotic-packed foods at home?

Our courses give you the confidence and know-how to make delicious fermented foods safely at home!

Earn Your Patches!

Each course from Fermenters Club Academy gives you a chance to earn a IRL (in-real-life) embroidered patch, which we will mail to you upon successful completion of the final exam.

We're always adding more classes, too!

Kimchi Master Class [Self-Paced]

Self-Paced course

Food Fermentation 101 [Self-Paced]

Kombucha Master Class [Self-Paced]

How to Make Pickled Green Strawberries [Self-Paced]

Fish Sauce Master Class [Self-Paced]

Learn how to make fermented fish sauce, full of umami and flavor!

Sourdough for Everyone Master Class

View course Coming soon

Meet your Teacher, Austin Durant

Founder and Chief Fermentation Officer, Fermenters Club

Austin Durant has been playing with his food his whole life, and fermenting it for over ten years.

He has taught over 100 classes (online courses and hands-on workshops) on fermented food traditions such as sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, kombucha, miso, as well as seasonal specialties. He writes and shares recipes, videos and other fermentation adventures on his blog.